Risk disclosure

Web trading risk

Based on the nature of Internet transactions, there are certain risks in web trades.This may include, but is not limited to, failures of hardware, software, and Internet connections.Because GGFX uncontrollable Internet service providers of services, their equipment and technology, the Internet connection speed and reliability, the reliability of your device configuration or connection, we are not responsible for the problems caused by the communication failures, distortions or delays when the cause of problems.

High risky investment

Forex margin trading involves considerable risk. Forex margin trading exposes risk to traders, including but not limited to political conditions, economic factors, natural disasters and other factors.All of this can have a significant impact on the prices of one or more foreign currencies.Speculative trading is a challenging application prospect, even for traders with rich market experience and an understanding of the risks involved.If a client previously invested only in a conservative form, foreign exchange trading may not suit the client.The client must understand that it is possible to lose all the funds deposited or a large amount of additional funds when market conditions are adverse to the client.

Software risk

The MetaTrader 4 trading software uses complex order entry mechanisms and order tracking systems.GGFX executes your order at the required price.Online trading, however convenient or efficient, does not necessarily reduce the risk associated with foreign exchange transactions.All quotations and transactions are subject to the terms and conditions of the customer agreement.

Share information with associated organizations

We may share with affiliated institutions on the above personal data to be used for commercial purposes, such as: including but not limited to service customer accounts and customers informed about new products and services, or under the applicable laws allow help the company.Our affiliates may include companies that are controlled or owned by us, and companies that have an interest in ownership of the company.GGFX and its affiliates will maintain the privacy of customer data to the same extent in accordance with this privacy policy.

Share information with third parties

GGFX will not disclose your personal data to any third party other than those mentioned in this policy.Third party disclosure may include the sharing of information with non-affiliates to provide support services to your account.

Other risks

GGFX does not guarantee that the initial capital or value of a client's investment will remain the same at any time or any time it invests in any financial instrument.
The client shall acknowledge and accept without reservation, to buy or sell any financial instruments will lead to the loss and damage, and accept the fact that a lot of risk, and announced that he would like to take this risk.
The client shall not engage in any direct or indirect investment in financial instruments unless he knows and understands the risks involved in the function of each instrument.

Quick recharge

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Please note that Forex trading and other leveraged products involve significant risks and are not suitable for all investors.Trading financial products could generate returns that could lead to losses, and losses could exceed initial investment capital.Prior to any transaction, you must ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.View full risk disclosure.

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