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1、How many ways are there to deposit or withdraw money?

We provide three ways of payment: unionpay, credit card/debit card, bank wire transfer, you can choose any one to operate according to your personal situation.


2、What kind of currency can I use when making deposits?

Customers can make deposits in any currency, such as USD, RMB, etc. The amount of deposit will be converted into USD at the real-time exchange rate and displayed in the account.


3、What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit is $100.


4、Is there any service charge for deposit or withdrawal?

There is generally no commission charge for deposits or withdrawals.Except for the following withdrawal situations:
1、If user withdrawal before reach 30% of deposit amount as trading amount, user shall bear 5% of full commission fee;
2、If user withdrawal when reach 30% of deposit amount as trading amount, the withdrawal fee should be RMB 10 per transaction, and the remaining fees shall be borne by the platform.
In addition, VIP users will have free of charge when receive withdrawal on the day before 14:00.


5、Can I withdraw money at any time?

If your account has already submitted ID card, bank card and other authentication materials and passed the examination, then you can apply for withdrawal at any time.Submit certification information


6、How shall I apply for a withdrawal?

Log in your account on our content website, enter the "user center", click "withdraw" on the left side of the page, fill in relevant information and submit it.
Please note that the customer who makes the first withdrawal needs to submit the following authentication materials first:
1)Clear photo of the front and back of the ID card;
2)I have a clear picture of the front and back of my bank card.


7、How long will it take to receive the funds after submitting the withdrawal request?

The withdrawal request submit before 14:00 Beijing time will hit account on the same day (except holidays);The withdrawal request submit after 14:00 will hit account next day (except holidays).In addition, the withdrawal amount should be more than 20 dollars.


8、Can I transfer the money to someone else's bank account when I withdraw it?

Sorry, the withdrawal can only transfer funds to user own bank card.


9、Why is the withdrawal request unsuccessful?

The unsuccessful withdrawal request may be caused by the following situations:
1)you have not submitted true and valid personal authentication materials;
2)the authentication materials you submitted is not your own;
3)some of the authentication materials you submitted have expired or become invalid.
For details, please consult online customer service.


10、Can I withdraw money while the transaction is still pending?

Yes, but can't get all the balance in the account. You need to keep enough money to ensure that the order you are trading can be completed smoothly.

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