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1、What kind of account do you offer?

We provide mini account, standard account, VIP account and demo account.Details can be found inthe account type


2、Do you have demo account?

Yes. Any customer can have a dedicated demo account only by opening a demo account on registration page and filling in the information.Both demo account and real account can be used on GGFX MT4, and the price you can see are exactly the same as when you operating, which can help you get familiar with the operation of online trading platform and learn foreign exchange investment trading.


3、How can I open a real account?

Click this linkand fill in the relevant real and valid information can open a real account successfully.


4、Can I have multiple accounts?

We have no restrictions on the number of demo accounts, but each customer can only have one real account.If a customer is found to have multiple real accounts at the same time, we have the right to terminate the trading behavior of the customer on the platform and freeze the account.


5、What currency do you offer?

we only have USD account at the moment. The balance of the customer account will be shown in us USD by default.


6、Is there a charge for opening the account? Is there a minimum deposit requirement?

There is no charge for opening an account on this platform.A mini account can be opened for as little as $100.Now open an account


7、What if forget account password?

You can click the "login" button in the upper right corner of our content site, click "forget password" in the pop-up dialog box, and reset the password according to the prompt.


8、What supporting documents are required for opening a real account?

According to the requirements of the regulatory authorities, after opening a real account online, the customer needs to submit relevant supporting documents within 14 days, mainly including:
1)identity certificate: clear photo of the front and back of ID card (scanned or photographed, clear and non-reflective)
2)bank certificate: the bank card held by the customer is clearly shown on the front and back.


9、What's your margin?

We offer a margin of $800 for all account types.


10、Do you offer negative balance protection/negative balance clearance?

Yes, we will provide a negative balance protection mechanism to ensure that your account will not have a negative balance.

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