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Fund security

The most important thing in the financial industry is the safety of customers' funds. Financial organization must strictly follow the regulations to protect customers' interests. GGFX, as an industry recognized high quality trading institutions, has been strict in the safety of funds.

Based on years of risk control experience and professional risk control system, GGFX's customer funds and platform operating funds are kept in different bank accounts to ensure the independent custody of customer funds.

Provide a variety of payment methods, after the bank audit,deposit and withdrawal will arrive immediately to the account, each fund flow is open and transparent, to ensure the security and liquidity of customer funds.

Separate depository of client funds
To provide the highest security for customers’ funds, GGFX keeps customer funds in separate accounts of third-party Banks . Customer funds are strictly managed and controlled and can only be used for normal transactions.
Globally renowned bank custody
The bank account used for deposit clients' funds is the world-class Hongkong and Shanghai Corporation (HSBC HK), which ensures the security of funds and makes customers more confident about the security of funds.
Apply for a withdrawal at any time
GGFX offers a variety of ways to quick deposit and withdraw online, and each kind of online payment has a powerful technical support. To ensure the safety of fund and customers information privacy at the same time, customers can deposit and withdraw at any time.
• The client's deposit and withdrawals shall be approved by personnel of different ranks according to the amount
• Maintain the ratio of company cash flow to customers, 1: 1
• The customer transaction settlement funds are independently custody, and daily omnidirectional reconciliation
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Please note that Forex trading and other leveraged products involve significant risks and are not suitable for all investors.Trading financial products could generate returns that could lead to losses, and losses could exceed initial investment capital.Prior to any transaction, you must ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.View full risk disclosure.

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