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This document is translated from the original English clause text.You agree: this translation document is for reference only and all business between you and GGFX is subject to English language terms and conditions.
The English version should have priority at any time.
The English version should have priority at any time.
Effective on March 4, 2016
This customer agreement and its amendments from time to time will apply from March 4, 2016.

1. Scope of this agreement

This agreement determines the contractual relationship between GGFX (" we ") and the customer (" you ").You need to read, understand and acknowledge the terms of the agreement before you enter into a contractual relationship with us. The agreement comes into effect after acceptance of the terms, both for newly registered customers and for those who are trading.
After 2003 registered for our service, but since then never use them to open account or received we notify customers please note: if you don't want to be bound on the terms and conditions, please do not use our service, and inform us, can also contact your account manager.

2. Our situation

GGFX, inc. (" we ") is a leading the online forex trading company in the field of forex trading, we have so far in 160 countries with more revolutionary diversified financial products such as foreign exchange transactions.We are the earliest development of foreign exchange into a consumer products company, is also one of the few to various knowledge and experience of different traders (" you ") to provide tailor-made technology and personalized service of one of the market leaders, and traders can get anywhere our technologies and services.We develop a simple and user-friendly online trading platform where users can conduct the following transactions over the counter: spot foreign exchange;Forward foreign exchange;Price difference contract (CFD) goods, etc.We can also provide you with real-time trading seller BID buyer bidding price (the BID - ASK) price, these prices we are through from the independent providers, related to the exchange and inter-bank participants gather and integration, and the above information provider to the global foreign exchange and futures market to provide liquidity and information, we will live the BID - ASK tradable prices through our internal and third party trading platform to provide to you.
Our proprietary platforms include:
Computer terminal transaction
Standard online transactions
Trading platform v is a platform for downloadable apps for Apple iPhones and other smartphones
Our non-proprietary (third party) platforms include:
Metatrader 4
GG Metatrader 4
We also provide you with the following services
Direct telephone trading
Work with our professional sales manager through Live Chat

3. Open an account

3.1 Open an account(current account)
In order to be able to make a trade, you need to open a current account.You must ensure the validity of this account during your cooperation with us.You can choose to have different types of accounts;You can upgrade your account or change your account in order to better suit your needs. For details, you can log on to the official website, and you can also learn from our professional sales manager.
You agree to provide true, immediate and complete personal information during registration.If you are an authorized agent of a company, you declare that you have the right to bind the company to this agreement.By law, we have access to, verify and record the identity of every person who opens an account.So, when you open an account, we will ask you at the time of registration to provide relevant documents to prove your identity, and to prove the authenticity of the information, these files including id card or passport, public expenditure receipts, bank statements, or any issued by government agencies, provide your identity document.We reserve the right to refuse or refuse registration, mainly out of consideration or subject to certain regulations.
You may rest assured that we will take all measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information you provide us. Please read our privacy policy for details.
Once you open an account with our company, you need to set up a username and password that you will enter every time you use our service.You must take all necessary steps to prevent others from seeing and sharing this information.You have a duty to protect this information.If you misplace or lose this information by mistake, or if you suspect that someone else has obtained this information, you should inform us in writing immediately.

3.2 Separate account
We are a financial services company and our trading process is transparent when we maintain our trading relationship with you.All of the money we received from you is regarded as "clients", these funds are stored in a separate customer bank account (account), we will choose reputable financial institutions to open the account.By law, we have an obligation to regularly check and monitor the maintenance and operation of these accounts by financial institutions

3.3 Currency
All expenses involved in opening and operating your account shall be paid in the currency of your choice when you opened your account with our company.

3.4 Payment method
We only accept existing funds (that is, your bank account/debit/credit card account).
You can choose three main payment methods, which can be used for transactions:
Debit or credit card payment, bank transfer, electronic wallet

3.5 Withdrawal - deposits
To execute a withdrawal request, you need to provide proof of your identity documents to us, so that we can confirm the authenticity of your identity, this is according to legal provisions, the credit card company and our internal policy.
When a withdrawal request is executed, the money is returned to the debit or credit card you used.We agree that the initial payment by debit/credit card or electronic wallet can be made into a bank account.
Bank transfer: when funds are deposited through a bank transfer, you must use a personal bank account, which must be a bank account in your home country.This is the law against money laundering.Any SWIFT or transfer confirmation indicating the source of funds must be sent to us from your bank.If such SWIFT or transfer confirmation is not sent to us, the deposit may not reach your transaction account, and it will be returned to your bank account.As a result, the money you withdraw from your trading account can only be deposited into the bank account where the money originally came from.
Payment by e-wallet: if you decide to deposit money in your e-wallet, you must comply with the rules set by the service provider.You may also pay extra fees or be subject to additional restrictions.Please read the terms and conditions of your service provider in relation to this content.We will deposit the net amount of funds received into your trading account.Please note that we may make withdrawals through another institution (not the provider of the original deposit you used) if for legal purposes (anti-money laundering regulations).

3.6 Scroll fee
You can choose to extend a daily trading position to the next day.However, such a delay requires payment of a delay fee (rolling fee), which varies according to the time, according to the name of our website.We will charge you an extension fee from the unused balance in your account.If you don't have enough money in your spare balance, we can deduct it directly from your credit card (at least $3, but it might be different).If you're using another payment method and we can't charge a rolling fee, we might close some or all of our exposure positions.

3.7 Trader account archive - for use only by MT4 platform users
Every Sunday, we will automatically archive MT4 accounts that meet all the following conditions:
Account inactivity (calculated since the last time you logged in to MT4) lasted more than 180 days, and the account balance was 0.And the account is not open;In addition, there is no liquidation during this period of inactivity (there is no trading activity in the account, such as transfer payment agent commission, deposit and withdrawal, etc.).You can reactivate your MT4 account at any time without charge or penalty, just contact your account manager or email our customer support team.

3.8 Inactive Account
Customer accounts that have not been traded for 12 (12) consecutive months will be considered inactive.An inactive account will be charged an annual maintenance fee of $25. If the account's available balance is less than $25, the annual maintenance fee will be the full amount of the available balance.There is no charge if the account balance is zero.Accounts with zero balances may be closed.

4. Terminate Account

If you wish to close your account, you should inform us in writing.If we want to close your account, we will notify you in writing, and give reasons, but in some cases, we don't need to inform you will be in advance or immediately terminate our contract relationship.The reasons for the early termination of the contractual relationship include but are not limited to the following aspects: breach of the terms of the agreement or any breach of faith, such as unauthorized activities;Insulting act or any act that undermines our credibility and business;Misleading, untrue, deceptive or false information;Either party goes bankrupt, fails or seeks bankruptcy management.According to the regulations, we reserve the right to terminate or temporarily terminate your account.

5. Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights in our internal platforms, products and services belong to us.We only allow you to access and use our platform to execute trades.Intellectual property rights including but not limited to the following aspects: material, system and platform, process, source code, web sites, patent, trademark, design, database, methods, know-how and trade secrets, business plans, promotional and marketing materials.Under this agreement, we reserve all intellectual property rights, names and interests.

6. Use of platform

We grant you non-proprietary, non-transferable licenses to access and use our proprietary platforms or third-party platforms we manage, and you can benefit from our products and services.In the case of not authorized in this agreement, you may not access or use our own or manage the website, any platform and applications (i.e., systems), including but not limited to the purpose of your access and use the following several aspects: forward, copy, merger or transfer, lease, license, distribution, transfer, adaptation, upgrade, modify, translate or time sharing, reverse engineer, disassemble, reverse compile, part or all of the change or revision of our intellectual property rights, changes to the system, improve and upgrade;Modify or change any or all of our online accounts or third-party accounts we manage;Without our consent, use the system to store or edit any form, price data or any data provided by the system into a file.
Non-proprietary platforms are owned by third parties.Therefore, there are separate access and use terms and conditions.

7. Unauthorized activities

7.1 You agree and acknowledge that you will not use our products and services for any unauthorized activity.
7.2 "unauthorized activities" means the following activities, including but not limited to:
7.2.1 money laundering, arbitrage or over-the-counter quotation, or is involved in since a market to buy financial products and immediately in another market, to profit from price difference or error in any other activities;
7.2.2 a trader uses different accounts to trade at the same time;
7.2.3 internal/external hedging;
7.2.4 commission trading;
7.2.5 misuse of our guaranteed stop function;Using a false ID (identification number);
7.2.6 trading modes, such as large-scale risk taking on all options and one-way trading;Excessive leverage;
7.2.7 the electronic recognition points of other users are the same;In and out mode;
7.2.8 communicate with other account holders;
7.2.9 reverse placing of the hanging order, abusing our guaranteed filling.We reserve the right to if we reasonably believe that any transaction involving the unauthorized activity, then we can cancel or keep the deal and/or terminate our agreement with you, and take effect immediately.

8. Exclusion of liabilities

You must be over 18 to enter into a contractual relationship with us.
Ou know our service is only available in electronic form.For any system failure, whether you are a party or a party we are not responsible for, these failures include, but are not limited to the following aspects: the Internet connection, electricity, telephone communication failure, high speed Internet communications needs, malicious interference/access to your system or our mobile applications, hardware errors, and our systems are not compatible, including our internal or third party system.We cannot guarantee that our own or the third party's software and/or system we manage will always protect the connection or error.
You can't in any form, whether directly or indirectly, or to our system exposed to any computer viruses, or other similar harmful or malicious materials or equipment.
Unless a statement of this agreement, otherwise we are not any site with us, systems, products and services related to loss of profit or any special, incidental, or the loss of the important responsibility.

9. Compensation

You need to compensate for the following behaviors cause the loss, damage, liability, costs and expenses to us, these behaviors include negligence, misrepresentation, misleading, violation of our contract relationship promised obligations.
Our indemnity against you or the third party involved shall be limited to the amount of your account in our company, in the conditions of sufficient evidence.

10. Risk warning

According to the law, we have the duty to remind you that forex trading is risky.There are different aspects of risk, such as fluctuations in international currency prices, that are hard to predict.Because such fluctuations, except we add in all calculation and quotation of spreads, the purchase of financial contracts or our web site to provide other services can be considered safe.
Consider whether you have enough money to get into a deal or invest.In addition, some financial products are not suitable for those without relevant knowledge or experience.That's why we offer you different choices of products and services, mainly based on your abilities and knowledge.If you are willing to open an account, we will ask you to admit that you understand these financial risks.

11. Wrong bid/wrong price

Although rare, but it is possible to occur the following circumstances, namely a deal likely to perform is a wrong price, this is mainly from our liquidity providers by a third party or as a preliminary technical error are given a wrong quotation.Also, due to Internet connection problem or when positions open or unwind can create quotation delay, based on the transaction did not react when the market price of the potential price right, the result is not accurate or inaccurate profit loss.

12. Suspension of service

In case of necessity, we need to be suspended in our proprietary platform and third-party service platform, we will end our relationship with you, so will pay at a reasonable rate to close all open positions.This payment rate is based on the daily value posted on our website and is linked to the inter-bank transaction data received on the financial contract quotes.In addition, we may limit the amount of transaction and other restrictions on your account for our own sake.

13. Data processing - privacy policy

We have your personal data collected through the manual way, electron, etc., and be safely stored program control, in accordance with the laws of these data are considered confidential documents at any time.Your security and data protection is our highest goal.We will not release, sell or transfer customer data to any unauthorized, unrelated person or third party.We will disclose the data to third parties on a "need to know" basis, according to the special terms of service provided to us and our customers.
Nevertheless, some information cannot be considered confidential.This is the case
(1) the information has been made public.
(2) receiving information from a third party without restrictions on its use or disclosure;
(3) to be required by law to disclose such information.

14. Internal/external links, broadcasts and information on our website

You can see links to internal and external websites on our website, such as investment research providers, and content related to our services.The scope of this information is to provide you with information related to our services, to give you instant market news, and to give you background information about the market.These links are not recommended by third parties or the advertisements they advertise. The information is just for your information and reference.Therefore, if such information is inaccurate, we are not responsible.
You may be required to register or subscribe while viewing external links, and you can do so at your own discretion.We are responsible for the content of these links and/or the disclosure of information resulting from your decision to disclose your personal information.In addition, if you think some of the contents of the external links are in violation of our regulations and policies or have nothing to do with our business, please inform us by email.
We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the content posted on our website.However, any published information will be marked "as of the date of publication", so it will be updated for market changes or other reasons.We will not ensure the accuracy of information only for reference.Therefore, we are not responsible for the direct and indirect loss or damage caused by the information posted on our website.

15. Pay tax

You have an obligation to pay taxes on forex trades, usually in accordance with the rules of the country in which you live.We will not collect any tax on your behalf.In addition, we do not advise you on any tax payment, nor do we deal with any taxation related matters.Please consult your tax adviser on paying taxes.

16. Changed Agreement

We will change part or all the contents of the agreement at any time without notice according to our own consideration.If you make trades at or after the modification of the agreement, you are deemed to have accepted the modification.

17. How to complain

If you have any dissatisfaction, you can contact us by email.Please be assured that we will investigate what you have said and take action to help you solve the problem.

18. Trading hours

We will provide you with tradable prices and information through our website and trading platform.These services will be available 24 hours a day between 07:00 Sydney time Monday and 17:00 New York time Friday.
Normal trading hours
Conventional trading times can vary depending on different factors, such as force majeure and abnormal market conditions that affect liquidity providers' ability to connect to the market.
Special/public holiday trading hours
Special trading hours set a time when trading in financial products is affected by public holidays in certain markets.

19. Unforeseen events - force majeure

We are in the process of implementation agreement of loss caused by force majeure factors, irresponsible, these factors include, but are not limited to the following aspects: god, war, government decree, natural disasters, power outages, traffic, or other network interruption, trial, or law and order, strikes or other circumstances we cannot control.

20. Communication

You can contact us by phone, email or fax.Please note that our calls will be recorded to protect your interests, which for us is to ensure the quality of our service.We have no obligation to keep in touch with you.

21. Legal notice

Protocol changes.This agreement supersedes any prior written or oral communication or memorandum of understanding.We may change the terms of the agreement at any time.Any subsequent version of this agreement will supersede all previous versions.

22. Dispensing justice

We are willing to resolve disputes with customers in a friendly way.Therefore, we will leave any dispute or misunderstanding to your personal account manager.If the account manager is unable to resolve these issues, they will be submitted to arbitration, which will be appointed in writing by both parties (you and us).

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Please note that Forex trading and other leveraged products involve significant risks and are not suitable for all investors.Trading financial products could generate returns that could lead to losses, and losses could exceed initial investment capital.Prior to any transaction, you must ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.View full risk disclosure.

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