Forex——The world's most traded financial market.

Foreign exchange market, also known as the "Forex" or "FX" market, refers to the exchange of a country's currency with another country's currency. The foreign exchange market is the world's most traded financial market. It is equivalent to more than 30 times the total transaction volume of all US securities markets, with daily turnover of more than US$200 billion. The important information that affects the trend of foreign exchange is economic data, central bank policies, etc. All are issued by the national central bank and statistical agencies and other authoritative organizations. The transaction is fair, just and open.

Investment characteristics:

Low spread offerHigh turnover rateBetter quoteReal spread

Spread privilege:

Variety types of assets23-hour Bi-directional trading low investment thresholdmargin trading

Forex——The world's most traded financial market
low threshold
Minimum 0.01 lot trading,$8 for global market
A low margin
of $800
your funds is magnified 100 times,small cost for high profit
0 commission
low spread
Free Online trading commission,spread as low as fixed 3 pips
Account opening is convenient , funds are safe
fast deposit with 1 minute, using Union pay, credit card or wire transfer to deposit
Automatically lock position, lock profit and stop loss
In the transaction, you can set take profit and stop loss, lock profit and loss, and there won’t be negative balance.
Quick recharge

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Please note that Forex trading and other leveraged products involve significant risks and are not suitable for all investors.Trading financial products could generate returns that could lead to losses, and losses could exceed initial investment capital.Prior to any transaction, you must ensure that you fully understand the risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.View full risk disclosure.

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